Where Have I Been?

Hello, everyone! It's been awhile! I have been very busy since my senior year started in August. I've decided to give y'all a little taste of what I've been doing. Phi Mu Updates... In September, I underwent my last fall formal recruitment as an active member of Phi Mu. Luckily, it took place over a … Continue reading Where Have I Been?


My favorite Disney College Program moments

Everyone who knows me knows just how much I love Disney. My favorite movies to watch while growing up were The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Little Mermaid. I even liked the classic, underrated films such as Make Mine Music and Melody Time. My love for Disney continued as I became older; in fact, I think it grew! When … Continue reading My favorite Disney College Program moments

What TV show should you watch next?

Most of the time, if you don't know where to find me, you can probably find me sitting at home watching Food Network or HGTV. These networks have great programs on them, especially if you're someone like me who likes "background noise" while doing a task. They don't require your attention the entire time, which … Continue reading What TV show should you watch next?